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Sunday, September 5, 2010 @ 8:31 PM
Notice - Sept 05 2010
Graphicstar's Icon Challenge - Gold

Hello everyone!

I have both good news and bad news to announce today. Well, let's start with the good one first.

I am very pleased to announce that 'I-Conic' had won her very first award - a gold! Thanks to Graphicstar for giving me this opportunity. I am so pleased and delighted that I almost fell off my chair. Well, not really. But, I do lots of body gags this days. Maybe, I've been watching too much of 'Onew Sangtae'. Also, I-Conic might be moving to another site, eg. jimdo, livejournal, etc due to some problems, such as photos that fail to load after several refreshes. On second thought, I wouldn't be moving so soon as she just had a new layout featuring SHINee. Aren't they adorable? ;)

Last but not least, here comes the bad news. I am officially closing all the icons request as my exams are pretty much approaching soon. But, not too worry, I would still update a little when I have the spare time after studying. But, you guys should continue I-Conic's and spread the icons love. Araso? ^-^

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